Meets Federal and State OSHA Requirements 
 Onsite and Online Available with Telephone Support During Training Session
Call: 805-458-7809 


Chrys Young RN, BSN, is a Master Tattoo Artist and Professional Eduator
Chrys after 15 years in the body art industry and as an educator with the American Red Cross for 25 years in safety founded the Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention Training Institute as a method to protect body artists, their families and clients from acquiring diseases through body art practices. The safety courses in BBP for the workplace focus on the health care industry and the workplace accident, these courses are not specific to the body art industry and many courses are not appropriate for tattoo artists. 

We have spent many years on the road at tattoo conventions worldwide and taught our program to many artists.
The program is primarily an online format and can be completed in two hours which meets many state requirements. 

Chrys a body artist/piercer for 25 years,  ER Trauma Nurse and Student working on her Doctorate in Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner. 

Cynthia Smith CPT, is a Master Piercer with over 20 years in the industry,
she is the managing director for BBPTI and is key to our continued success with Body Artists as well as the many County and State officials we keep in contact with. Cynthia manages the data base of clients and is the on to go to if you have questions regarding your test results or certificates. 
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